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Курсы валют
Analysis of the company's foreign trade function

One of the ways to reduce the potential customs risks of the company is the development and implementation of effective internal processes for organizing international trade and compliance with customs legislation.

Our experts have practical experience in conducting customs compliance checks.

As a result of the audit, you will receive:

  • report on the presence of errors and inaccuracies in the implementation of import-export operations;

  • expert assessment of the quality of business processes related to their foreign trade operations;

  • recommendations for further improvement of business processes.

Determination of the EAEU product code

The classification of goods in accordance with the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (HS of EAEU) is one of the most difficult issues in customs. The volume of customs payments and the list of permits depending on the product code.

For a correct classification, knowledge of the rules for classifying goods and a deep understanding of the properties of goods and the characteristics of various industries are necessary.

Our experts will help you make a decision on the determination of the customs code of the goods and will provide practical assistance in obtaining preliminary classification decisions of the customs authorities.

Personal Customs Broker

Our employee will represent your company in customs at all stages of customs clearance. Namely:

  • Meet the vehicle and place the goods in a temporary storage warehouse.

  • Prepare a set of documents and register a declaration with customs.

  • Take part in a customs inspection.

  • Complete customs clearance and deliver the goods to your warehouse after customs clearance.

Customs declaration.

Our employee, having studied the documents on the product, will prepare all the necessary customs declarations:

  • Customs Advance Document (Preliminary informing)

  • Transit Declaration.

  • Declaration of goods.

  • Declaration of customs value.

  • If necessary, it will also be:

- Document for adjusting customs value.

- Document for adjusting information in the goods declaration.

- Will advise you on customs clearance

Get a customs license for your warehouse.

Customs legislation provides for the placement of foreign goods in temporary storage under customs control until they are released by customs under a specific customs procedure. Almost all goods imported into the territory of the customs union must be placed on the territory of the Temporary Storage Warehouse (TSW) before the end of customs clearance.

Each importer, placing goods at the TSW, pays for storage services, including unloading and loading services.

If you have your own warehouse, and you want to receive goods directly, without using other people's temporary storage warehouses, then this service is for you.

Designing secure supply chains.

Our experts will introduce modern methods of conducting foreign trade based on the international risk management system in the supply chain.

Having implemented the supply chain risk management system, the organization receives the following advantages:

  1. reducing the likelihood of customs risks;

  2. increasing the loyalty of customers and partners;

  3. improving the image of the company;

  4. increased confidence on the part of regulatory authorities;

The international standard is intended to, together with the World Customs Organization (WCO) framework standards, ensure global trade security and facilitate it.

Company registration in the SEZ

Specialists of the company "SKY7" can offer a full range of services to support the procedure for registering companies in the FEZ, as well as a wide range of services for their maintenance.

Services for the initial registration of companies in the FEZ include:

  • consultation on the selection of free economic zones;

  • consultation on the regulatory environment in free economic zones

  • registration of a legal entity in Kazakhstan;

  • company registration in the tax service of the FEZ region;

  • execution of notarized translations, legalization of documents;

  • registration of the project of the FEZ participant for registration in the FEZ;

  • support of the registration procedure of a FEZ resident;

  • execution of documents for the land plot of a FEZ resident.

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