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Currency Rates
Currency Rates
You can order a preliminary calculation and get a discount at customs clearance
Currency Rates
Customs clearance

All goods transported across the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan are subject to mandatory customs clearance. In Kazakhstan, there are 17 different procedures for all occasions, the most basic ones are listed below:

  • Release for domestic consumption - a procedure for importing foreign goods with subsequent use in Kazakhstan;

  • Export - a procedure for the export of goods from Kazakhstan abroad;

  • Customs transit - a procedure for the transport of goods through the territory of Kazakhstan without the possibility of using this product;

  • Free warehouse - a customs procedure for manufacturers of products with the possibility of duty-free import of raw materials and equipment;

  • Temporary import - a procedure for foreign goods imported into Kazakhstan for a period of up to two years;

  • Temporary export is a procedure for Kazakhstan goods temporarily exported from Kazakhstan abroad.

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Authorized Economic Operator

The service "outsourcing of foreign trade activities" will give you the opportunity to have your own professional department for your company, namely:

  • specialists in the field of finance and law;

  • specialists in the field of logistics services;

  • foreign trade specialists;

  • specialists in the field of customs.

In fact, this is your new department, which has all the necessary knowledge and experience to organize the supply of goods with benefits for you, minimizing all possible risks during international transportation.

We also take care of all issues of customs clearance, where our company acts as a customs representative, defending the interests of your company in customs.

Our responsibility is secured by an insurance contract in the amount of 500,000 euros!

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Customs Consulting

Our customs experts will help you solve such issues as:

  • Correctly draw up a contract of foreign economic activity. We will carefully study the conditions of the upcoming contract and help to correctly compose the text so that you get the maximum benefit from this cooperation.

  • Install and correctly compose related documents. In addition to the standard set, for some types of goods (for example, cell phones, clothes, food, etc.) additional permits are required. We will help you to create a set of documents required specifically for your cargo so that it goes through customs clearance as soon as possible.

  • Understand the system of benefits and preferences in force in Kazakhstan and take advantage of state mechanisms for supporting entrepreneurship in customs legislation.

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